No Dogs! No Dogma!

by Hirnsäule

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andrew grainger definite hints of the dead kennedys...which suits me fine, good job Favorite track: Support Song.
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LP/ CD 2014, multi layered diy-picture disk! Check:
Find the cover artwork (linocut by Felix Dreesen) & booklet including liner notes in the free download package.


released March 1, 2014




Hirnsäule Osnabrück, Germany

DIY hardcore/ punk since > 15 years.
check our homepage for more info, lyrics, translations, etc.

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Track Name: In their eyes
In their Eyes

When they are going westwards
in their eyes you see no fear.
They are coming down to you again
a new world to declare.
Track Name: Graffiti

So many things begin and perhaps end as a game.I suppose that it amused you to find the sketch beside yours. Your own game had begun out of boredom, not really a protest against the state of things.

We've got to paint these walls, we got shitloads full of spray.
We'd like to be back sure the other day.
All this future can belong to me
When I take control back of this life today.

When the other one appeared you were almost afraid,
the danger has become double, someone like you had been moved
to have some fun on the brink of imprisonment
or something worse, you know what happens when they catch one

It was already dark night when the spotlights swept your eyes.
a confused crowding by the wall, and you saw all the struggle,
black hair pulled by gloved hands, the kicks and the screams,
the cut-off glimpse of blue slacks before they took her awaaaaaaaaaaay.

You saw „It hurts me too“, the writing on the wall.
later the violet splotches and an orange oval
where a swollen face seemed to leap out,
a hanging eye, a mouth and all smashed with fists.

We had to paint these walls, we had shitloads full of spray.
We'd like to be back sure the other day.
All this future can belong to me
When I take control back of this life today.

I know, I know, but what else could I have sketched for you? What message would have made any sense now? In some way I had to say farewell to you and at the same time ask you to continue. I had to leave you something before going back to my refuge where there was no mirror anymore, only a hollow to hide in until the end in the most complete darkness, remembering so many things and sometimes, as I had imagined your life, imagining that you were making other sketches, that you were going out at night to make other sketches.
Based on the story „Graffiti“ by Julio Cortázar
Track Name: Support Song
Support song

What's happening here in Eisen-town is simply outrageous.
People kept in concentration camps like in seventy years nothing's been changed.

Where are your human rights now, when it comes to the protection of your privileges.
Let some of them pass as illegal slaves, and drown the rest in mediterranean waves.

Well, here we are. Get used to it. There will be more of us.
Refugee strikes and supporters' fights until this madness comes to an end.

They are here because of something, namely global injustice.
Don't need no „Lager“ at all!
Don't need no Frontex at all!
Freedom of movement for all!
Track Name: Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Going on your way, well, looking for an answer
You'll have to go further 'cause you've found no answers, yet
Swimming with the sharks keeping far from their bites
Searching for a life 'cause you want to be alive.

Everything could be different from today
Live and think and walk and talk all by yourself
Time for outrage, open your mouth
Take yourself seriously and act responsibly.

Real eyes realize real lies: Subvert them lies!
Track Name: No Dogs! No Dogma!
No Dogs! No Dogma!

Praying for my own church:

Hey Punk! Throw that uniform away!
I know spiked hair and spikey jackets are cool.
Also the smell of sweat and soap, or shoe shine punks

You don't need 'em! Don't let your individuality go!
And I don't mean to simply wear other shirts and patches.
Keep in mind that bands have to be approved by the "regime" anyways.

We don't need that! You wanna be free? Be free then!
It's starts in your head, when you stop to follow the trend
as subversive or "alternative" it may seem.
And always remember this: No Dogma!

Dress up pink! Dress up silver!
Queer it up! Don't let them put you into boxes!
Paint yourself a shirt and start a band!
Shout it out! Spit it out!
Track Name: Liquor Store
Liquor Store

Tell me baby, where have you benn all night? I've been worrying and shivering the whole night through.

You had better tell me where you go, 'cause everybody saw you down at the liquor store. And I would have loved to come with you.
Track Name: Arráncame (los ojos)
Arráncame (los ojos)

Arráncame los ojos para que no pueda llorar más (No, no llores más). De las órbitas que me quedan salen chorros de mis lagrimas de sangre (rojo y caliente). Las manos que te acariciaban me tapan mis oídos (con dedos largos fríos). No quiero escuchar esas malditas explicaciones (No las quiero escuchar).

El aire está cargado, y entre todo está tu dolor (olor dulce seductor). No lo debería oler, dos tapones me bloquean la nariz (que suerte para tí). Los labios que te besaban ya no se ven por un zipper grande (negro y herrumbado). Los puntos de sutura duelen, aún no tengo nada que decirte (nada, nada, nada).
Track Name: The System Works
Acheter, acheter, et travailler.
The system works because me work.
The system works because you work.
The system works because we work.
Track Name: El Once
El Once

El río invierte el curso de su corriente.
El agua de las cascadas sube.
La gente empieza a caminar retrocediendo.
Los caballos caminan hacia atrás.
Los militares deshacen lo desfilado.
Las balas salen de las carnes.
Las balas entran en los cañones.
Los oficiales enfundan sus pistolas.
La corriente penetra por los enchufes.
Los torturados dejan de agitarse.
Los torturados cierran sus bocas.
Los campos de concentración se vacían.
Aparecen los desaparecidos.
Los muertos salen de sus tumbas.
Los aviones vuelan hacia atrás
Los rockets suben hacia los aviones.
Allende dispara.
Las llamas se apagan.
Se saca el casco.
La Moneda se reconstituye íntegra.
Su cráneo se recompone.
Sale a un balcón.
Allende retrocede hasta Tomás Moro.
Los detenidos salen de espalda de los estadios.
11 de Septiembre.
Chile es un país democrático.
Las fuerzas armadas respetan la constitución.
Los militares vuelven a sus cuarteles.
Renace Neruda.
Víctor Jara toca la guitarra. Canta.
Los obreros desfilan cantando
- Gonzalo Millán